Thursday, December 29, 2016

Photo Shoot (mini) on a rainy day!!

December 29, 2016-

Today, before we go further into our BIG adventure........I want to show you some photos of a mini photo shoot from the rainy day, we miss the rain in the morning......but it rained the rest of the day.....

Okay let's share some shots of my new friends and of course me!!

I just look so handsome, yes I must question Pam's authority, I am a questioner of authority!!

After playing with Freedom for hours a pup can get a bit pooped!

I can take that BIG GSD easily, I have her hiding in the corner!

We took over the bed here, SORRY PAM, you get the floor, don't you know that's where people belong?!?!?

Yes, this is the GSD I can take down!!

I think this is a good shot of me.....comfy on the bed, now if Pam lets me lose the harness, that by the way she took off and put on WRONG!! mom can put it on right when she gets back! You can really see my awesome dog tag that says my name that my Smiley sister and trainer gave me- I miss her so much- SHANA, come HOME to me now!! (whimper whimper!!)

Hey SHANA, Freedom said I can tell you her secrets but Pam needs to be in the dark here!

Don't worry I'm only telling so much to Freedom, actually I'm declaring my love for her here!

The BIG world is waiting for me to grow into a big dog!

What did you say?....Really?...Do you really want to go there Pam?.....I'll talk back to you if I want to1!

Say what ?......You want to here about my REAL BIG ADVENTURE, Tomorrow for sure......Pam has to get the pictures ready to include as I write all about it!! Comeback tomorrow to hear about my adventure!!

Spotty the 103rd Dalmatian 

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